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Full Post Production Support

Full Post Production Support

We in MattBox provide high quality post production support for feature films, short films,ad films and any kind of photography including editing with latest editing software i.e., Final Cut Pro X, Color Grading with Da Vinci console, DI, After Effects, VFX, Computer Graphics.

Then we provide BGM i.e., sound for the film with dubbing, re-recording, mixing etc.

We also provide light for filmmaking, photography along with Arri, Red cameras, Sony A7  mirrorless DSLR cameras with master prime lens, Ultra prime lens CP @ lens and the like


Post production services:

We at MattBox Entertainment have state-of-the-art Post-Production setup in Kolkata.

We have a full post-production facility which includes Edit, Colour Correction,Dubbing ,Mixing, Re-recording, Computer Graphics, VFX,AFX, DI services for feature films, short films, ad films, fashion photography and the like.

We at MattBox Entertainment have the best digital studio with setup of Machintosh latest version. We edit films and videos in latest Final Cut Pro X software in our Mac machines.

For colour correction of film, video and photography we use the latest Da Vinci console.

We have a seperate sound studio where we have both audio and video recording facility.

The sound studio is well equipped with 5.1 surround sound system where we do dubbing, re-recording, we also have the facility for mixing sound.

The final output we deliver to our clients are best in quality and at par with the other players in the market.