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Ad Filmmaking

Ad Filmmaking

We are living in 21st century where globalization and digitalization has emerged immensely. Day to day life of people is moving at a very fast pace. And people have very less time to look into ads and if also they do least ads remain in their minds. Here comes the work of an effective video and ad film maker agency in Kolkata With the rising of Ad film companies in Kolkata scope of introducing new product or expanding reach of existing product is possible. Here comes the work of video ad agency in Kolkata. Previously Ad films were made mostly for TV commercials but nowadays ad films have many platforms to showcase it. From a vast area in social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. to video streaming app like You Tube, Hotstar etc. Many websites show ad films to increase their revenue. Apart from the digital platforms ad films are showcased in malls, metro stations, crossings etc. Ad film companies in Kolkata is growing at a fast pace due to its demand in the market. To go detail into this matter first of all we need to realize why an Ad film is necessary for product or service.

We know that what we listen and hear at the same time stays in our mind. So that is why we least remember ads we see in the newspaper than the ads we see as commercials. Moreover Ad films are made colourful, involving catchy jingles, good tune which hits the viewer’s mind quickly. Ad films involve celebrities which play a major factor for viewer’s attraction. Ad films almost give us a 360 Degree view of the product and enlightened us with knowledge regarding the product and also sometimes regarding the brand. Some companies highlight the name of the brand in ad films rather than the product itself. Moreover Ad films Connects masses with the product. By the above facts we got an overview of why an Ad film should be made, the next step is to determine how the film is to be made.

We see a 20 sec Ad and ignore it but whoever doesn’t have a knowledge in Ad world doesn’t realize how difficult is to make an Ad film. The process starts from the very idea where the business thinks that their products need to be marketed.  After that the business search for an ad film maker or video ad agency. Now the client servicing department of the Ad agency visits the business and listen to their ideas. They collect full knowledge of the product   and returns to the office. Then the work of the creative department starts. Ideas are generated. Surveys are done to determine the target audience of the product. Recce of the place of shoot, Determination of celebrity integration, voice over input, editing all comes one after another.  

Kolkata is a very good place for business with its fast transport system, skilled labour and so business is expanding. With increasing business comes the factor of marketing the product properly. It is very necessary to make the product reach to the target people. We at MattBox offers variety of services related to marketing a product or services. MattBox Entertainment provides services related to branding, digital marketing, social media, web design, animation, VFX, AFX and the like to connect every aspect of a brand experience.