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Acting photography & Direction Course

Acting photography & Direction Course

We have in house productions. We train aspiring actors by celebrity actors and theatre actors. We have exaWem facilities. After successful completion of the course of duration 18 months. The student will get certificate and will get 100% placement assstance in mega serials, webseries, Feature Films, Short films in channels like Zee Bangla, Star Jalsha, Hoichoi, Zee5 Premier etc.
A renowned celebrity actor or actress will take special workshop in every 2nd Sunday of a month for 5 hours. Our Syllabus for the course are:

1st Semester-

• History of Acting • Basic acting procedure on different mediums (Radio, Television, Cinema) • Voice modulation • Speech therapy • Breathing control • Body language of an actor • Physiology of emotions • Method Acting – Stanislavsky system • Imagination exercises • Reaction timing • Sight reading & Radio Drama


2nd Semester-

• Introduction of Camera angles, shots, various editing styles and basic lighting • Understanding and memorizing script • Camera, breakdown of scene ( shot division) • Cinematic composition, blocking and businesses • Observation & Improvisation • Introduction of human psychology • Characterization • Mime exercises • Fitness training and proper dieting • Song picturing • Grooming and Personality Development • Acting before camera • Dubbing • Audition techniques

3rd Semester –

• Screening & analysis of national & international film acting • Acting in short films – Practical projects • Professional Show ree

Photography course:
A successful photographer with a small gear how successfully and creatively captures a specific moment, preserving various aspects, from human emotions to mighty nature and from the non living matters to the diversities of life is quite of a wonder for the common people.The process of archiving and preserving any explicitly eternal or a subject oriented moment in this universe, hidden in the core of which abides a conscious, tender and an aesthetical sense amalgamated with mechanism, is a wise attempt initiating success.The syllabus we follow are:

 1st Semester- • History and Development of camera • History of Photography • Development of Camera • Developing a creative mind – Art, Society & culture • Basic Photography • Functions and operations of Sutter speed, Aperture, white balance, ISO, lenses, camera sensors etc. • Essential camera menu set up • Depth of Field (DOF) • Focusing modes • Concept of three point light • Us of different type of lights • Creative lighting • Use of Diffusers, reflectors, filters (UV, ND, GND, Polarize, etc.) and supporting equipment • Different types of camera modes (shutter speed priority, aperture priority, program, manual, auto etc.) • Exposure Compensation mode • Photographic Composition – • Rule of thirds, Balancing Elements, Framing, Leading Line, Viewpoints – Perspective, Into the Frame • Communication skills development • Creative/Visual Thinking


2nd Semester- • Travel Photography, Wild life & Nature Photography, Landscape Photography • Still life and Product Photography • Fashion Photography, Portfolio shoot • Candid photography • Sports photography • Space photography • Creative Colour Concepts • Cinematic Wedding and Pre wedding shoot • Social Documentary & Photojournalism

3rd Semester – • Designing Software (Photoshop ) • Digital Printing ( Files and formats ) • Production Art Design • Film Language • Film Making with DSLR • • General assignment • Client satisfaction • Scopes in the professional photographic markets ( National & International ) • World photo Competition • Project